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About Analytical TRAINING Consultants (ATC)

Analytical Training Consultants (ATC) is a consultant company specializing in providing the Oil and Gas Petrochemical and Refining industry with recognized, standardized, and recommended practices for proper training and refresher courses. Don Mears is the owner and creator of Analytical Training Consultants (ATC) and is also currently representative of many manufacturers of analytical equipment.

Don Mears has personally discussed this training course plan, (PMI Certification on API Recommended Practice 578, 2nd Edition) with several key industry leaders, i.e. Exxon Mobil, BP Amoco, Shell, Valero, Rohm & Hass, DuPont, etc. and they have requested him to create this course and teach it regionally. Currently he provides training classes to these industry leaders on the XRF operation and Radiation Safety for SciAps Inc. XRF Analyzers. These courses are currently taught to the QC/QA, maintenance, warehouse/stores, engineering, and inspection departments. These departments and the safety departments have asked numerous times for us to create a detailed API certified course on API RP 578. Almost every API approved inspector and PMI Service Company has indicated to us there is a real industry need to offer this course.
Analytical Training Consultants (ATC), appreciates both API and the API RP 578 committee that have created this recommended practice. Analytical Training Consultants(ATC) believes, they can offer a great service to the industry by educating the discussed students proposed in this application on proper “Guidelines and Application Procedures for API-RP 578, Positive Material Identification (PMI) Using XRF/OES/LIBS Technologies”.  The first training course was offered on December 11-12, 2007 and audited by API for their approval. Analytical Training Consultants (ATC) and the training course was formally approved by API/TPCP and is now available as an American Petroleum Institute Training Provider Certification Program ( API/TPCP) to all the industry needs.

API is pleased to announce that by December 31, 2013, the API Training Provider Certification Program (TPCP) will be merged with API-U (API’s training program) and will no longer function as a stand-alone program. API is confident that by bringing TPCP under the API-U brand, a stronger program will emerge.

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