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What is API /TPCP?

Determining the quality of training materials should not be a guessing game.  Too much rides on ensuring that the training you buy has been designed to meet the highest standards of quality.  API developed the Training Provider Certification Program to help buyers and users of industry training sort out the best from the rest. 

The TPCP is designed in the tradition of other API quality programs, which set the benchmark for industry equipment, products, service and safety. We have applied similar quality standards to the evaluation of industry-wide training programs using API’s Training Program Evaluation Criteria and course-specific requirements.

The TPCP was inspired by recognition of the need for a third-party certification program to evaluate and certify a variety of oil and gas industry training courses.   API certified training courses tell your customers that the expert in industry standards has evaluated the essential elements of your course. We look at course development, content, student objectives and instructional materials. API also examines instructor qualifications, course evaluations, administration, and actual course delivery.

When you become a certified training provider, you create an alliance with API. As an API training partner, you can use the API TPCP logo on your course materials, for marketing and promotions, and on course completion cards. Your company’s full contact information will be included in both our printed and on-line versions of the API Composite Catalog, which lists all participants of our quality programs. You will also be able to display a link to your website in the on-line catalog.

API is pleased to announce that by December 31, 2013, the API Training Provider Certification Program (TPCP) will be merged with API-U (API’s training program) and will no longer function as a stand-alone program. API is confident that by bringing TPCP under the API-U brand, a stronger program will emerge.

Who should attend?

Analytical Training Consultants (ATC) believes  that Material Verification and PMI is now industry driven  and nearly 100% required, so we have gone through the requirements of the API/TPCP ( stated above ) to provide you with the API RP 578 PMI Certification. As the graphic for the “PMI Process “below indicates : all groups from the foundry/producer to fabrication, warehouse, in service process, to scrap recycling, require Proper PMI analysis. Anyone and everyone involved with any of these processes need to be properly trained to perform qualified Material Verification through the  use of XRF and OES/LIBS technologies. The  Positive Material Identification (PMI) analysis is the only way to give assurance that the proper alloy is being used and will work according to design criteria.

PMI Process graphic

All students enrolled in API 570 classes, i.e. QA/QC inspectors, maintenance, stores, warehouse, inspection testing companies, fabrication shop, and QA/QC reliability departments for oil and gas (Petrochemical and Refining) operations.

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