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  • The Latest Developments in PMI Tools ( Hand held XRF analyzers) and Applications, by Brian Wilson at the 2017 API Tanks, Valves, and Piping Conference & Expo.

  • INSPECTIONEERING JOURNAL-“Embracing a New Approach to Retroactive PMI”, by Brian Wilson.

  • The Material Verification of New Construction and Vintage Pipeline Projecttrong> , by Brian Wilson at-“The Pipeline & Energy Expo.

  • Measuring Silicon in Carbon Steel at Ambient Temperature Using X-ray Fluorescence to Address Sulfidation Corrosion-as per API 939-C, by Brian Wilson at the “API Inspection Summit.

  • Advanced Materials & Processes (AMP)-Magazine on Nondestructive Testing of Elemental Analysis Monitors Corrosion-Using XRF Technology - (see pages 25-26 in this article),  by Brian Wilson (This is an ASM International Publication)


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